Bookkeeping Nampa, ID


Betha R
Google review 1/3/2024

Kathy and the girls were always there to help me with whatever I needed. Thank you for the hours of service you put in to help us with the books!

Reply from Kat

Thank you, Betha! We enjoyed working with you!

Jonathan Davis
Google review 12/21/2023

I have had a great experience with Kaizen. The communication is unmatched. Any questions I have about the process or even helping me with my state employment process to make sure everything is in order. My books where a miss two years behind and they came in a cleaned them up in record time where now I am able to show where my business is at and where it’s going clearly and precisely.

Reply from Business

Thank you, Jon! We appreciate your kind words!

Carlos Reyes
Google review 4/10/2023

Doing business with Kaizen life has been a wonderful learning experience in the best way possible. I definitely recommend.

Reply from Business

Thank you, Carlos! It's a pleasure working with you!

Bonnie Carrow
Google review 2/21/2023

Kat & her staff have been so accommodating when cleaning up two years of My Quickbooks for my company. She has been patient; laughed with me, gasped with me but hung in there. It has been a journey; but I feel her expertise and knowledge have monumentally important to guide me through this process. Now with her onboard for the coming years; I feel I can breath again and wear the other "four hats" in our business. What a relief; although she worked me hard to get though it with her. Great company to choose if you need assistance and consistency.

Reply from Kat

Thank you so much, Bonnie! We love working with you!

Jim Hilton
Google review 9/15/2022

Reply from Abigail

Thank you so much, Jim!

Jonathan Duarte
Google review 9/12/2022

We have used Kat and her team multiple times to help us build and develop better process's for our business. The are great to work with, passionate about what they do and have helped us grow!

Reply from Business

Thank you so much, Jonathan! It's always our pleasure to work with you and your team!

Candice Anderson
Google review 8/20/2022

Reply from Abigail

Thank you, Candice! It was a pleasure working with you!

Adam Blakesley
Google review 7/22/2022

Working with Kat and her team taking care of my bookkeeping has been a life saver. Where I was spending 10 or more hours a month on bookkeeping on top of working Kat has cut that in half! I didn't really enjoy the nitty gritty details of the bookkeeping and this has freed me up to spend more time bidding jobs and spending time with my family as well! The coaching sessions have been amazing as well and have added value and structure to my company. I would highly recommend Kaizen Life Consulting Group for all bookkeeping and coaching services!

Reply from Business

Thank you so much for your kind words, Adam! We have really enjoyed working with you and look forward to continuing helping your business!

Reply from Kat

Thank you so much for your kind words, Adam! We have really enjoyed working with you and look forward to continuing helping your business!

Melissa Robertson
Google review 6/30/2022

Kaizen-Life, especially Abigail, was so patient, punctual, communicated processes very well, and was thorough in helping me!

Reply from Business

Thank you so much for your kind words! It was our pleasure to work with you, Melissa!

Mary Anderson
Google review 1/6/2022

A great company with some great and trustworthy people. Their help was invaluable in getting my business started, they gave me the tools I needed to start with a solid foundation. They LITERALLY made me the money back that I have invested in their services, within a week. I will continue to be a customer because I know that with their help my business will flourish.

Reply from Business

We are so excited to watch your business flourish! Thanks for this wonderful review, we’ve loved working with you. ❤️

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