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Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet Our Team

Our team is made of growth-oriented gals, dedicated to bringing you stellar service. Each member of our team is highly focused on personal and professional development and finds their true joy in serving others. We've got the skill and experience to bring you the best service, and the personality to make the process fun!

Kathy McGowan - Founder

Kat McGowan

Consultant & Senior Bookkeeper, Founder

Restorative | Input | Responsibility | Developer | Belief

As the founder of Kaizen-Life Consulting Group, Kathy (Kat to her friends) is using her entrepreneurial spirit to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently. She started Kaizen-Life with the understanding that it would grow and change - and it has! Kaizen-Life has become something greater than she imagined it could be through the power of collaboration (one of her most-used words).

Kat has a BS in Business Administration from Northwest Nazarene University and brings over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and process improvement to our clients. Her years of hands-on experience and her capacity for quick and focused thinking in working with policies and procedures ensure that each client receives custom-tailored service.
Kat eagerly pursues learning (seriously, you should see her bookshelf) to become familiar with the industry and challenges that each client faces with the ultimate goal of building strong client relationships.

Finally, her team agrees that she is the FUN piece of the Kaizen-Life team puzzle. Kat’s dynamic personality stands out in a world full of boring, nerdy bookkeepers (she’s still pretty nerdy, though), and her Developer strength shines through in her ability to see the potential of each person she comes into contact with - she leaves her teammates and clients feeling refreshed and confident to face any challenges ahead of them after every meeting.

Abigail Alano

Operations Coordinator

Competition | Strategic | Command | Deliberative | Adaptability

If you call or email our team, your first line of contact will be Abigail!

Abigail is a mother-of-two with a love for music, baking, and all things coffee (a requirement for a former barista). She has extensive experience in customer relations, is strategic and well-organized, and (most importantly) fits in perfectly with the growth-centered environment of Kaizen-Life.

Abigail was initially drawn to Kaizen-Life because she appreciates a workplace in which her voice is heard, and an environment that allows her to care for her children while working. She loves representing the values of Kaizen-Life in her role - just give us a call and she’ll tell you more!

Beyond Kaizen-Life (as if caring for her infant and toddler wasn’t enough), Abigail also runs her own at-home bakery, and dedicates her (rare) spare time to church events where she plays the piano. She is a gifted musician, and her sweet treats can curb any craving.

Abigail Alano - Operations Coordinator