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Growth-Centered Business Consultant Nampa, ID

Growth-Centered Business Consultant Nampa, ID

Business Consulting Nampa ID, Business Consulting Boise ID, We provide in depth training to medium and small businesses.

Who We Are

We are an organization that believes deeply in the power of small, sustainable changes to transform your small business.

Our company is founded on Kaizen principles, and we bring our continuous growth mindset to every service we provide.

From our first meeting, you’ll find that we practice what we preach. Our company culture is singularly focused on improvement - within ourselves, as a team, and alongside our clients. Our passion is in propelling solopreneurs and small businesses to success through our Kaizen principles and continuing to support them as they grow into their truest form. Our services are designed to meet you where you are but never leave you there.

Our business consultants partner with small businesses in Nampa, ID (and virtually any location) to develop processes and implement practices that foster continuous growth.

What We Do

Based in Nampa, Idaho, we serve the Treasure Valley and beyond with simple, attainable, and effective improvement strategies for small businesses. We offer business consulting for individuals and small businesses at every stage - whether you're interested in creating the foundations of a brand new business or working to expand or manage your customer base, we can help.

Of course, we work behind the scenes to measure growth and we have data to back up our claims, but we are a people-first business, so our focus will always be on how we can best tailor our service fit YOU.

When you team up with us, you’ll find personal and professional improvement whether we’re providing you with new software solutions or teaching you to focus on your strengths. Our business consultants can help you from the first steps of crafting your business principles and defining your objectives all the way to finding efficiencies in established processes that you and your team perform every day.

Our passion and joy is in providing small business owners with ways to make their businesses better while teaching a continuous growth mindset - so the growth won't stop when our services do!

Business Consulting Services

Each of our consulting services have been carefully crafted to provide content that is both practical and insightful. We'll give you a look into how who you are affects how you run your business. A free consultation assessing your business needs is included with any service we provide, as well as extensive resources to help you achieve continuous growth.

The seven steps of our consulting services are designed to be taken in one course over a period of six months, or as individual courses tailored to your business needs. We have packages tailored to small or medium businesses, solopreneurs, and our Strengths Training is even helpful for personal growth junkies without a specific business need.

Small Business Consulting is our specialty. Professional services that will take your business to the next level.

While your growth journey can begin anywhere, we recommend our Business Consulting be completed in this order:

Workflow Maps

Do you have a client waitlist that never shortens?

Are you overwhelmed and feeling a step behind in your business?

Do you still feel the pressure of “too much work” no matter how much help you hire?

Could your business continue to operate without you?

We can transform your business with simple process improvements that turn hours of work into minutes. We use Workflow Maps to locate your pain points, identify inefficiencies, and discover the tools you need to alleviate both.

Strengths Training

We guide you through understanding the benefits of your top five strengths and how you can utilize them to optimize your organization. Focusing on your strengths helps you understand where to focus your personal growth and what processes you should outsource for your business. This service is also beneficial for team development to learn how you and your team can work better together!

Software Solutions

Do you need help finding a CRM for your industry?
Are you looking for bookkeeping software?
We offer suggestions for software solutions to make your processes smooth and seamless.

Small business consulting, quickbooks consulting. Get your business in order.

Let's Talk Business!

We're here to help.

Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

We review the steps your organization has taken and discuss the next steps to maintain your success as you grow your business.

Looking for a collaborative experience where you can grow alongside other small businesses?

What our clients say about us

Kathy and the girls were always there to help me with whatever I needed. Thank you for the hours of service you put in to help us with the books!

"Outstanding Service" Betha R 1/3/2024 Read All Reviews