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The Problem with Every Basic Planner & How to Fix It

The Problem with Every Basic Planner & How to Fix It

It’s happened to all of us (especially the Type A, overachievers of the world). 

You walk into your local department store or hipster coffee shop and come across the most beautiful notebook you've ever seen. You purchase it, write your name on the inside (and maybe you even write a few meeting dates for the next week for good measure), then you place it on your nightstand to use the next day.  

The problem? You promptly forget about it. With New Years less than two weeks past, we’re willing to bet you’ve got an unused planner or notebook sitting on your nightstand right now. 

I am a pen and paper type of person - we all are on the K-L team. I retain information best when I write it down or do it myself. It was very hard for me (and really, the whole team at Kaizen-Life) discussing a planner that we would actually use that was DIGITAL.  

How could that even work? Sure, you can still put everything in its proper place with an online planner - and you can even transfer everything from your laptop or desktop to your phone - but could you really fall in love with anything that you didn't find on your own and comb through to double check it met all your needs? We are as surprised as you are, but the answer is YES. 

Behold, the Kaizen-Life team presents to you, the solution to the stacks of journals! If you need to, just pretend you are in a hipster coffee shop waiting on your oat milk latte for a second, because we’ve got a recommendation for your PERFECT, customizable digital planner. No more boxes of different-colored markers or sticky notes, no more digging for a pen to write down your latest meeting, and no more empty boxes that you just never got around to filling out. 

It's a bit much to take in at first (maybe even a little emotional because paper products are magical). But we've got your solution with a customizable, digital planner thoughtfully created to organize your daily life AND your business life – all in one place. 

There are a lot of good resources out there, but we’ve found that paper planners and journals are hard for people to keep up with. Not only are physical planners easier to lose than your phone or laptop, but it’s no longer an option to keep parts of your life out of the digital world. We live in the digital space, so it’s time for your planner to catch. 

With the Planner Package by Kaizen-Life, you can get your customized planner (and help from us to stay up-to-date with your tasks) FULLY set up for you by a member of our team that is an expert in the software. Not only is our planner easily accessible, but it can also be completely customized to fit your day-to-day life! Whether you have a few different side hustles that you need plopped all in one calendar, or you just can't seem to stay organized and finish tasks in a timely manner, we have the solution.  

While it may not be as exhilarating as the feeling you get when you see a beautiful cover of the perfect notebook on a shelf in the store, just know that it is everything you're looking for and more! We could all use a little more organization in our lives, but not having to do the work alone really makes it more appealing, doesn't it? We think so.  

Give us a call for a free consultation today! We can get you started with our customizable planner or one of our other productivity tools. It’s time to get organized (for more than just a day).  


Abigail Alano