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Take a Step

There comes a day when you must believe in yourself enough to take a leap of faith and EXECUTE.

Can you relate to my story?  
You have been working at a job for over five years. You are always the first in the office and the last to leave. There is a high turnover rate in your department, yet you remain and willingly train each new hire without hesitation. You are a resource to your team. Your supervisor is generous with complimenting you for your loyalty and being a hard- worker.  
Why is it that you always get passed over for managerial promotions? Yet, when a supervisor is hired to manage your team, you agree to train them because if nothing else, you are a team player. At yearly evaluations all your efforts are noted, but there is no mention of an adequate raise for your selfless contributions.  
For a while, that was my life. At the peak of every disappointment, I would encourage myself to keep going. I would also remind myself that the mortgage was due on the first of every month, so walking into my boss's office and making a big scene was out of the question. After each venting session to my husband, he would say, “Just let it roll off like water on a duck’s back."

Say what?!  
Was I just being overly sensitive? I mean, everyone knows there is no such thing as a perfect job. Or is there? I often wondered how different things would be if I were in charge. What would my employees think of me? Looking back, those experiences were hard and horrible, but they also were stepping stones that pushed me out of my comfort zone to learn more about entrepreneurship. 
I had to dig deep to learn about myself and discover the areas I had talent in. I kept a notebook of ideas that could be profitable and names of individuals whose strengths balanced out my weaknesses. After so much planning, you just can’t settle on being a person walking around with a notebook full of ideas. There comes a day when you must believe in yourself enough to take a leap of faith and EXECUTE.  
Put yourself out there! 
DO IT!  
Get ‘er Done! 
Use whatever phrase that will get you to MOVE because you are fully capable of making your dreams become a reality. You’ve heard it before. The only thing stopping you is YOU! Believe in yourself!


- Kat McGowan