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Kat's Corner: Thoughts on the New Year

Welcome January! It’s the month of new beginnings.

There’s an undeniable excitement that comes and lingers a while at the start of a new year. We made it to 2024! Can you believe it?!


Welcome January!


It’s the month of new beginnings. The month when people are more inclined to improve their behavior, let go of past mistakes, and start with a fresh clean slate. On the first, I often wake up in the early hours of the morning to reflect on the ups and downs of the past 12 months. I think about my big wins, the unexpected hurts and losses, the new friendships and the fading bonds.


During my reflection time at the beginning of 2023, there was quite a bit to unpack.


In April of 2022, my partner walked away without any notice. That was a loss. I realize now that the test was in ‘how’ I responded. Would I be able to keep things professional and not make them personal? Yes! That was another win. I was worried, I didn’t think we would find talent fast enough to fill her shoes. It’s funny how pressure makes you grow. That taught us another life lesson. What you think is bad, can actually be a blessing in disguise.


When we carve out time to reflect and create goals, we gain perspective and give ourselves the opportunity to fully appreciate all the things we’ve experienced; good and bad.


My reflection this year was a bit different.


In March, we transitioned a contractor to an employee and ran payroll for the first time. That was a win. In May, we added another employee. In June, we added a contractor to the team. Another win. We had the right people in the right seats and together we created and added processes and systems to help us run like a well-oiled machine. In December, we had our Christmas party and at the end of the year we were able to pay out bonuses.


In those early morning hours, I also take time to thank God for everyone of our clients. They have become our friends and family and we love and appreciate them all.


Overall, 2023 has taught us to persevere no matter what obstacles came our way. We learned that everything we need to succeed is within us. We just need to keep our eyes on the Lord and push through the tough times so we can appreciate the blessings even more when they come!


Now, bring on 2024!