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KAT'S CORNER: The Hurdle of Hiring

Hurdle: Hiring at Kaizen-Life Consulting Group

We operate with a spirit of excellence. We are self-motivated individuals that don’t need rewards or an incentive program to get work done. We are lifelong learners; always in growth mode and always looking for challenges that provide purposeful and forward-looking projects. Does that resonate with you?

That was my elevator pitch to attract great team members.

I was operating outside my comfort zone with one goal in mind, to attract people with a great deal of talent and ambition. I had a short list of names and an overabundance of fear and anxiety. How could I get people to believe in my vision and introduce them to a Kaizen culture? A culture where everyone can bring their full range of talents, feel valued, heard, and do great work.

As a budding entrepreneur, I was jumping over many hurdles. I wore multiple hats when coming up with a business idea, writing a business plan, launching the business, finding clients, and figuring out how to retain them.

The next hurdle was building a team.

I did not have a playbook for hiring, but I knew I needed to surround myself with like-minded individuals who were personable and had potential. It was not a deal-breaker if they had little to no experience, so long as they were pliable and willing to learn new skills. The key was to find the right talent, not just good talent.

Fast forward to today. I always wake up excited to start the workday. Why, you ask? Because I work in harmony with a team I like and trust. The positive synergy that flows between us enables each team member to bring their whole selves to work. Throughout the years, we have learned to lean into each other's strengths, and in return, we achieve much more together than on our own.

Let me introduce you to my A-Team. Abigail, Jennifer, and Faith. We work, laugh, pray, and eat together.

It does not get any better than that!