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How to: A Proper Checklist

We’ve all been there. We’ve sat down with our notebooks and listed everything we needed to get done and end up feeling slightly overwhelmed by our massive list and little time. But, have no fear! Here are a few tips for how you can increase your productivity and create a more effective checklist!

1. Map out three to five tasks that absolutely MUST get done.
While the possibilities are endless and you may have more than five items, you realistically will only have the time to complete a few. Condensing your list down to the most important items will ensure that you can feel good about what you actually get done.  

2. Set out time to finish everything accordingly.
You may feel like you can complete it all in just thirty minutes, but give yourself some extra time instead of trying to race against the clock! If you need to, create your list within time slots to be able to better visualize the timing. 

3. Make a tangible list.
It can be handwritten or in your notes on your phone but having a visual representation of getting things done is very motivating! Don’t tell me that you don’t get some joy from checking tasks off your list! 

4. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it all done.
This one is a bit easier said than done but it is so important to stay positive! You only checked off six items from your list? Hey, that’s six more than yesterday!  

Keeping a productive mindset is not always easy

You may fall into a slump when you see that you are not accomplishing everything on your list that you’ve hoped for. But isn’t that life in general? If we spend all our time focusing on what we wish we had or wish we could do, we’ll never truly be happy. Why don’t we spend more time just doing what we can and letting that be enough?  

This message may be a bit different than what you were expecting, but that's what was on my mind. I encourage you to put in the effort to carry out your goals and do all that you can. With the right tools in your belt, you will make a proper checklist that will list all that you need to get done and help you feel more accomplished when you check everything off!  Good luck!


- Abigail Alano