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5 Things You Can Do Instead of Reading this Blog

Let's be real, you can be more productive than reading this blog at 3 PM.

One of the biggest pain points in productivity is simply the lack of motivation. We know what needs to get done, and often we know exactly how to get it done. The part that is so difficult is DOING it, am I right? For instance, I’ve known for about a month that I was going to write a blog today. Did I do any formal research or planning until today? Of course not! I’m a PRODUCTIVITY COACH, for crying out loud, and I still did not do the proper planning for this post. With all of this in mind, I decided to jot down a few things that you can- and possibly should- be doing instead of reading this blog right now.  

The reasoning is this: you were most likely scrolling through social media when you read the promo for this blog and went to our website.

Why were you on social media?

Hasn’t this been posted during work hours? Hmm. The fact of the matter is that there is always something we’re avoiding. Even if our work is something we’re incredibly passionate about, there are still mornings that we all wake up dreading the thought of doing it. It’s an obligation; it’s something that we must do, or someone telling us what to do. Our inner five-year-olds can come out and urge to say, “I don’t want to do that!” But, alas, we are grown adults and things have got to get done. 

The 5 Things That  You Could/Should Be Doing Instead of Reading this Blog: 

1. Reading a Book

Some find reading to be a hobby and the most exciting thing to do, so this may feel more like a luxury than a task. However, if you were to spend some time gaining knowledge on how to create better habits, or using reading as a way to open up your creativity, you'd find it greatly beneficial for sure!

2. Meeting up with a Coworker

Connection is one of the most useful tools in the business toolbox! One of the best uses of your time is building relationships with your employees or teammates. 

3. Listening to a Podcast 

Similar to reading books, this is a great way to get inspiration. Whether you are a business owner that is looking for the next step to take in marketing, or you want to hear about others' experiences, a podcast is a great way to get that!

4. Clean out your Desk 

We all have the junk in the drawers that shouldn't be there. How much better would we feel if it was neat and tidy?!

5. Brainstorm about ways to Grow your Business

This can all be done with research- like reading a book or listening to a podcast- and talking with your peers. Getting outside perspective on business can help you get a refresh and understand different ways that you can grow your company or improve company culture.


So, if you're still reading this instead of choosing one of the five things to do, I hope that you found something productive that you can do next time you want to scroll social media! Good luck!