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10 Ways to Transform your Company Culture in 2024

Some things are out of our hands, but company culture is NOT one of them! By doing these ten simple things, you can watch your team's morale increase exponentially.

We all start the new year with goals, business related or personal. If you have ended 2023 feeling like your company culture should be better- whether that's because you're dealing with quite a few HR issues, you can see the team morale is low, or you're just wanting overall improvement- we are here to help! Here are the ten ways we recommend you improve your company culture in the new year:
1. Set Clear Goals Involving the Whole Team  

When there is an obvious shift happening with your business, one of the best ways to see positive change is to involve the team! Showing that you all are on the same page and working toward the same goal gets everyone focused and driven.
2. Enable all Your Team Members to have a Voice 

Even if you know the next step of action, letting your employees be open about their thoughts is a great way to think outside the box and have them feel heard! It's a win-win. You may even find that you need their help more than you thought in the beginning. 
3. Include Team Building Exercises in Your Budget 

So many business owners choose not to have team building simply because it's out of budget. While we understand that this is a logistical reason, you may find that your turnover rate will decrease and company morale will increase with team building exercises. This can be anything from strengths coaching to company trips. Watch the change right before your eyes!
4. Be Transparent about Your Goals 

Similar to the first step, except this involves a bit more openness from you as an employer. Now, we are not only setting goals for the whole team, but this may be a bit more personal. If you set a goal as a business owner to be better about listening or something along those lines, being transparent means that you encourage your team to keep you accountable in reaching your goal. 
5. Go Over Your Core Values with your Team 

A great way to enter into the new year is by reassessing your core values. We believe that your core values should be something everyone on your team knows about, believes in, and enforces. If you feel that you want solidarity with your team, this is a great place to start!
6. Hold Yourself Accountable 

Whether you check in with yourself, or you have one of your peers check in on you about your plans, this is SO important! Often, business owners or those in management positions expect everyone on their team to get the job done and are so busy holding everyone else accountable that they forget about themselves. We don't want anything to slip between the cracks! 
7. Keep Feedback a Constant Thing 

The best way to lead is with honesty & clarity. If you keep a constant flow of feedback between you and your team, the work will improve and your employees will trust you more. Keep those expectations loud and clear, and give feedback (positive & negative) anytime you can. 
8. Put an End to Drama 

This is the year for NO DRAMA! Not every company deals with drama, but it's definitely not a fun work environment. If you do the other nine steps, it's practically a guarantee that the drama will slowly phase itself out. But, if it's been an ongoing issue with on your team, try making it a goal with everyone: out in the open, we are actively choosing to get rid of it!

9. Lead By Example 

The only way to have a team of confident, self-starters is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. If you are not putting these steps into practice, but expecting your team members to do it, it will fail. Every time. Be the first to impliment these goals and watch how your employees follow!
10. Get Outside Help (coaches, books, learning) 

It's hard to hear critique, at times, but this is a great way to keep an open mind and be active with change. Bringing in a third party to view your company through their lens will contribute to your skills as a leader. Not only is a business coach a great option, but any type of effort you spend to learn and work on yourself will be beneficial. 


So, there you have it! Hopefully, after reading these ten ways to transform your company culture you feel encouraged and motivated to get going. There is no time like the present to watch your company culture improve and thrive in 2024! Happy New Year!


- Abigail Alano