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Who We Are

Our company is founded on Kaizen principles, and we bring our continuous growth mindset to every service we offer. As you interact with our team, you’ll find many commonalities in our values. Each member of our team is highly focused on personal and professional development and finds their true joy in serving others. At Kaizen-Life, we believe that if we follow our passion in serving and helping others, our needs will be met through that process.

Our focus continues to be on serving you.

We serve businesses and individuals by teaching them to implement foundational principles that lead to life-changing results through our coaching and consulting. We believe in the power of small, sustainable, and effective changes to transform small businesses.
Our team also includes financial experts that find fulfillment in helping others reach financial freedom through bookkeeping services, payroll assistance, and budgeting help.

Why the Kaizen Life team is Different

There is no boss at Kaizen-Life, no hierarchy. Although Kat McGowan is the founder, she leaves decision-making to a group advisory process. Each team member not only has a voice, but all voices are weighted equally. We know that the organization as it sits today may morph into something very different as we continue to treat it with respect as a living and changing organism. It has already become more than any single one of us could have imagined as we have each poured our hearts into it and let it find its own path.


In our organization, we focus on extreme ownership. Because we reject the hierarchical structure that most businesses adhere to, each team member has complete control (and responsibility) for their work. We encourage collaboration, but ultimately the individual is responsible for shaping their role in our organization. This increased responsibility and ownership does not work for everyone - our structure has attracted individuals who take pride in their work, find their joy in serving others, and believe wholeheartedly in continuous growth.


Growth and development is not just something we teach, it is entrenched in every part of our organization. Kaizen-Life was created to provide growth for its employees as well as teach clients - even our financial services focus on optimizing efficiency for your business. Our team members individually focus on personal and professional development, and come together to serve here at Kaizen-Life because they are passionate about teaching others the benefits of continuous growth. This is not just a “job” for anyone at Kaizen-Life, this is an organization that allows each of us to find fulfillment.


We challenge you to consider how this type of organization can work for you.


What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that, literally translated, means "continuous growth."

At Kaizen-Life, we've expanded on that definition because we know that continuous growth is only possible when every person shows up as who they are, and is given the freedom to do their job well.


Here are our basics:


Kaizen includes Wholeness - each member of our team is invited to the table, their ideas are thoughtfully considered, and they don't have to limit their personality to the "work version" of themselves.


Kaizen includes self-regulation - each member of our team is fully trusted by the rest of the team to do their job, and do it well. Self-regulation allows each of our team members to have freedom and autonomy in their role, and to show up passionately to do what they love.


Kaizen means we never stop growing. In and out of the office, we are a team that loves to learn and grow, and we're excited to share our passion for growth and development with you!

Meet Our Team

Kathy McGowan

Consultant & Senior Bookkeeper, Founder

Abigail Alano

Operations Coordinator

Jennifer Reyes

Front Office Expert & Junior Bookkeeper

Faith Robson

Senior Bookkeeper

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What our clients say about us

Kathy and the girls were always there to help me with whatever I needed. Thank you for the hours of service you put in to help us with the books!

"Outstanding Service" Betha R 1/3/2024 Read All Reviews

I have had a great experience with Kaizen. The communication is unmatched. Any questions I have about the process or even helping me with my state employment process to make sure everything is in order. My books where a miss two years behind and they came in a cleaned them up in record time where now I am able to show where my business is at and where it’s going clearly and precisely.

"Outstanding Service" Jonathan Davis 12/21/2023 Read All Reviews

Doing business with Kaizen life has been a wonderful learning experience in the best way possible. I definitely recommend.

"Outstanding Service" Carlos Reyes 4/10/2023 Read All Reviews